Baby irritability may be due to jealousy

Baby irritability may be due to jealousy

Baby crying is often associated with newborns, drowsiness, pain, or other psychological discomfort.

But recent research has found that factors such as fear and jealousy can also make a baby irritable.

  A study by researchers at the University of York in Canada found that 3-month-old infants have shown significant mental illness, while existing theories suggest that babies begin to show complex psychology such as fear, shyness, and pride after 2 years of age.

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A panel of experts led by Lechster performed four experiments on 50 3-, 6- and 9-month-old babies.

Experimental results show that when mothers turn their attention to others (such as chatting or other forms of interaction), babies often step on their legs and make dissatisfied calls.

  In the first three experiments, the scientists drank water in front of the baby, noticed that the baby was watching, and talked to the baby’s mother but the mother did not answer. None of these caused the baby’s apparent uneasiness.

But in the fourth experiment, the mother and baby started to make laughter from time to time with cognitive cognition. At this time, the baby was born and began to shift the body on the seat, while making a rapid and angry sound in his mouth.

  Hearst pointed out that “jealous” shows a person’s fear of losing his loved one. The baby’s “jealous” psychology is related to interpersonal communication and is a reaction caused by the perception that someone’s presence threatens their relationship with their loved ones.

  According to Lechst, it is important to confirm that babies will also show “jealousy”, because previous research in this area is very limited.