What kind of man and woman are you

What kind of man and woman are you

Men are divided into six classes: first-class men have a home outside; second-class men have flowers outside their home; third-class men find home in flowers; fourth-class men return home from work; fifth-class men are not at home; sixth-class men are homeless.

It smells authentic and humorous, and I think it is excellent and imagery when I think about it.

  The first-class men are beautiful, with aristocratic style and strength, Jiuchi Roulin, private villas, phoenixes and butterflies, and their homes can be regarded as elites.

  The second-class men are also very good. When the master drags, the wind and the snow fall, they laugh at the men outside the house: what is not “tugged” is plants, what is not “tugged” is waste, and “tow” is too many animalsThere are only two people who are “tugging” properly.

  The third-class man must be a flower monk. He believes that “fire is fundamentally burnable, water is completely flowable, sun and moon are fully illuminated, and love is everywhere.” I just sprinkled love as pepper powder, butSmoked his eyes and lost his way home.

  For fourth-class men, do n’t look around at this flower world. After work, come back quickly. You do n’t have to go to the flower shop to grab a red rose, but do n’t forget to bring the gas tank of the gas station back or go to the market.Buy bags of rice.

  The fifth-class man is a little bad. Where is the eve tonight, where is the beauty?

It ‘s really amazing that “On the first night of this year, the moon and the lights are still there, but I did n’t see last year ‘s people, and the tears of the spring shirts were wet” I was sentimental.

  Sixth-class men’s encounters, let alone mention, mixed up to such a point, this life is a waste of life!

  If it is changed to a woman: “First-class women have a home outside; second-class women have a flower outside; third-class women have a flower; fourth-class women go home from work; fifth-class woman husband is not at home; sixth-class woman forgets home.
“” A first-class woman has a home outside her home. ”

A good wife will look after her own home and both parents’ homes.

Honoring parents and parents-in-law, looking first at home and then at home, are first-class women who are truly virtuous.

  ”A second-class woman has flowers outside her house.”

The enthusiastic second-class woman even dedicates her love to her home and has the ability to dedicate it to society and win everyone’s flowers. She is a hardworking gardener, entertainer and social worker.

  ”A third-class woman has flowers in her home.”

Xiangfu Jiaozi is a good mother who focuses on the small family and throws hard sweat to cultivate the flowers of the motherland.

  ”Fourth-class women come home from work.”

There are no more hobbies, but it is the woman who enjoys the fun brought about by ordinary life in obscurity.

  ”Fifth-class woman husband is not at home.”

Married to a career-focused man, he had to lock his boudoir deeply, looking forward to her husband every day, a woman in need of love.

  ”Sixth-class women can’t find a home.”

Don’t worry, women who cannot find a home have more opportunities to choose which kind of woman they want to be.

  No matter what kind of man or woman you are, I hope you are a happy, optimistic, happy person.