[How to save durian in summer]_How to save_Save method

[How to save durian in summer]_How to save_Save method

Due to the high temperature in summer, many things are difficult to preserve and are easy to spoil. Durian is the king of fruits. It is very popular in summer. Durian is rich in nutrients and the taste of durian is very delicious. Summer temperatureIt is better. Durian is also difficult to preserve. The method of summer durian preservation is a concern for most people. How can durian be preserved in summer?

How to save durian in summer 1. Keep durian in the refrigerator for refrigerated storage. In the summer, when you save durian, you can open the durian, then take out the pieces of flesh inside, and wrap them with plastic wrap, then put them in a sealableThe container is stored directly in the freezer of the refrigerator. When it is eaten, it can be taken out and stored at any time. The freshness of the durian will not diminish, and it will have a cool feeling.

2. Direct refrigeration method The direct refrigeration method is not to take out the durian meat when eating durian, take as much as you want, take the remaining durian in the shell, wrap it with newspaper, and then store it in the refrigerator freezer.This preservation method can keep durian from degenerating for three to five days. It can be eaten at any time when it is eaten, and its original flavor will not change at all.

3. Cryopreservation In the summer, the cryopreservation method is also an ideal way to preserve durians. You can take out the durian pulp, wrap it with fresh film, and then directly put it in the freezer of the refrigerator to freeze it.It does not degenerate for a long time. When eating, take it out, let it stand for a while, and then dig it with a spoon to eat it. It will not add flavor, it has a flavor than any water ice cream.

Seven benefits of eating durian1. The nutritional value of nourishing yin and yang durian is very high. It contains high sugar, and contains 11% starch, 13% sugar, 3% protein, and multivitamins, traces, calcium,Iron and phosphorus.

Friends who are weak can eat durian. Durian can supplement the energy and nutrition needed by the body to achieve the effect of strengthening the body and nourishing yin and yang.

It can be used to nourish the body after illness and women’s postpartum.

2. Enhance immunity. Durian fruit has a complete range of amino acids, which is rich in content. In addition to tryptophan, it also contains 7 essential amino acids in the human body. Among them, glutamic acid is particularly high.

Animal experiments have further proved that glutamic acid is an important precursor of nucleic acids, nucleotides, nucleotides, amino sugars and proteins. Participating in its anabolic metabolism can improve the body’s immune function, regulate the acid-base balance in the body, and improve the body’s response.Adaptability.
The reason why durian fruit has a strong and nourishing effect on the human body, in addition to the richer beneficial element zinc, etc., it should also contain the synergistic effect of aroma components and other nutritional components.

3, Durian for treating dysmenorrhea has many nutritional values, and it can also relieve dysmenorrhea!

Because durian is a hot fruit, it can relieve colds and relieve menstrual pain by consuming blood, which is especially suitable for those who suffer from cold and dysmenorrhea.

At the same time, the hot nature of durian can improve the coldness of the abdomen and promote the rise of body temperature, which is very helpful to friends with cold constitution.

4. The special taste of appetizing and appetizing durian is very controversial, but you don’t know it!

The nutritional value of durian is also reflected in this special flavor!

This scent has a great effect of durian, which is appetizing and promoting appetite.

5, laxative treatment of constipation Durian contains very rich supplementary fiber, which can promote bowel movements and treat constipation.

However, it should be noted that drinking durian for constipation may require drinking plenty of water. Otherwise, the rich fiber has no water to absorb, and it will quickly become more difficult to attract moisture in the hair.

6. The physiological function of vitamins in durian fruit for prevention and treatment of hypertension and its curative effect on certain diseases cannot be ignored.

Durian fruit also contains essential mineral elements of the human body.

Among them, the content of potassium and calcium is particularly high.

Potassium is involved in the metabolism and substance transfer of proteins, free radicals and energy, and helps prevent and treat hypertension.

7, anti-cancer anti-cancer durian fruit is rich in vitamin content, vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin C are higher.

A large number of studies have proved that vitamin A is an important micronutrient necessary for the human body, and has physiological functions to maintain normal growth, reproduction, vision and anti-infection.

The human body needs vitamin A to maintain epithelial cell tissue health, normal vision, and promote growth and development; increase resistance to infectious diseases.

In addition, vitamin A also has the activity of anti-priming genes that can inhibit tumor formation, and inhibits the effects of suppressing cancer and anticancer.

Vitamin B is an irreplaceable prosthetic part of many oxidase systems in the body and is involved in redox reactions and energy metabolism.

Vitamin C has a wide range of physiological functions in the body. It can enhance the immune function of the human body, prevent and treat iron deficiency anemia, malignant anemia and scurvy, promote collagen formation and steroid metabolism, and help maintain normal bones and teeth.Function, anti-aging, inhibit the synthesis of nitrosamines from nitrite and amine, and have anti-cancer effects.